In NSView 10.12 Detailed problem does not show shadow

On iOS,If we want to display a shadow View,So basically do:

but,To the macOS,This would not work - no effect。

The answer lies in the macOS a View If you want to use layer ,You must manually mark,For example, this:

This time,What if you are 10.13,Then everything will be fine,Then 10.12 The discovery - still no effect。

Why is this? Apple's official guide,We can find the answer,He says you should not be modified directly NSView of layer Attributes,So you should first create a NSShadow() Example,Then modify its properties,Finally, assign it to NSView 。For example, the following code,It is the proper operation:

or,You can also simply point,Give layer One shadow Example,Then go to modify them。


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