On the computer to play dota high with still Caton view point

Now computer configuration,Whether laptop,Or desktop computer,It started getting higher and higher levels,Frequently several G memory,But the software side but difficult to keep up with。

And,More fans prefer their own Zanji,Such hardware can maximize the effectiveness of favorite,This is good,but,A lot of people missed the point:Choice of operating system。

well known,Generally, we use to play the game or choose popular windows is better,Now the market is still commonly used in windows XP,Yes,You read,It really is! Year of this article is not wrong,Really it is still XP! Secondly,It is windows7。

XP,It is still the best choice for most zanji Friends。But that's not the point,XP must be popular to this day has its reason,Here we do get to the bottom,Because good and this is not compatible with our point of interest。

Focus is on the operating systemPlace,Here introducing a new concept,32Bit operating systemand64Bit operating system

32Bit operating system maximum memory is 2 ^ 32 = 4,294,967,296 bytes,也 就是 4G。
64Bit operating system to a theoretical maximum of 2 ^ 64 bytes = 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 = 18EB,About 18 billion GB (1EB = 1024PB,1PB=1024TB,1TB=1024GB)

but,This is only a theoretical value,In reality,There are also video card occupies a portion of the address space,So,Eventually you see,The maximum memory is 32-bit operating system is actually used in 3.25GB fluctuate,According to nowhere frequency and quality of memory seems to be different changes,But the results are the same,It is whether you are 8GB or 4GB,Cap is 3.25。

Let's say you replace the computer with 8GB of memory,And other parts can be considered mainstream now,And also run this XP (to tell the truth is more economical relative win7 memory),But playing dota is Caton,Then,You should check the properties under their own computer,See if it is to be noted is 64,If there is no,Please reinstall the 64-bit operating system!

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