Talk about MVC and software development of SoC

No matter what language you are learning,Will probably encounter a called MVC concept,It is a program development model,"Isolation and show" as the core,In the hierarchical framework has a great influence。

MVC Is a shorthand,Three uppercase letters corresponding to Model View and Controller

Now we create a application software,In many cases have to use GUI graphical interface,But also using the CLI Command Line Interface,In addition to,Sometimes even have to cope with the situation both use。

This time we wanted to,If objects of different fields can work full autonomy,For example, we use CLI function,Then do not touch GUI Things on,This will significantly increase the stability and efficiency of application software。So the corresponding,Content data,It should be by a dedicated module to execute it,Such,Compatible and able to quickly support different display modes。The communication between them,On the adoption Controller get on。

This is the MVC,It is divided into three separate parts of the program,Some people call three,In fact, I think it is inappropriate,Model View display and is responsible for managing data no obvious hierarchy,They are tied - a tube fills data show a tube,Intermediate to a responsible role both communication,Is Controller

Model ←→ Controller ←→ View

Then,These and SoC what does it matter? Here SoC chip is not encapsulated,But

Separation of Concerns

I would translate it as "separation of duties"。In fact, that is so that different parts of concentrate to do different things - make graphics computing on GPU pipe。I explained that you might be easier to understand its meaning。I say,You should know that the relationship between the bar and MVC SoC,The latter is the former idea of ​​extending a pattern。

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