R0uter Input Tool

How pocketed the key input is to achieve sound

All to known,Input method does not need to get off the grid. "Full access”,So according to Apple's rights,Naturally, you can not play the key tone。

but,Recent pocketed updated input method added this feature - you can even join in later versionsKey shockThe。However, I stillNo needGet "full access"。

Then,How I do it?

iOS in the sound and vibration

In fact, the same thing[……]

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Pocketed input method is how to achieve app settings without the need for full access?

All to known,On iOS since 8.0 Start version,Keyboard can be developed for iOS third-party input method,These keyboards can be sold on the AppStore,but,But also has a very strict access rules。

This,Apple's third-party keyboard design of the two permissions,A minimum of,Permissions Only the most basic functions of the keyboard、Another relatively more,Get the keyboard "Finish[……]

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Write off the grid a little life experience of the past six months input obtained

He says you may not believe,Pocketed input method originally I practiced hand of a project,It's calledBoats

But in the hands to write it before,In fact, I had complained many times,They say they want to write a useful input method,Because I used Larry,The existing input method,Larry did not pay attention to how this group,The same time,Speaking on spelling,Various advertising pop red dot also put their own utility functions ah ah sentence input to these advantages buried。


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How to customize pocketed input method?

How to customize pocketed input method?

In pocketed input method,I provides powerful customization features for you。Whether it is simply one kind of new programs Shuangpin,Or import a five-stroke input method code table,It can be completed。

First of all,We start with the concept

Key mapping scheme

Pocketed input method to use it to generate the corresponding mapping scheme,Such as smart abc、For example, the natural code, etc.。Button mapping program has two files,Such as "smart ABC[……]

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How to learn the natural code secondary code?

Natural Code is a relatively old program of Larry,How old? Old now many users do not know that it is a set of secondary code scheme。

Natural code secondary code can not be called barcode,It is called the secondary code,Because this program is designed as an auxiliary or,So it can not be done as a very low rate of weight like calf auxiliary code - but with the sound of words,It is still very efficient use。

Why even so lose it says[……]

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