Triple play

ZTE c200 listen to the multicast configuration process summary records


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Huawei MA5680T Common examples of debugging commands

I recently in preparation for the contest three networks,Front also wrote an article entitled "Examples of commonly used maintenance commands SoftCo9500"As the article notes,Here,Write an accompanying configuration troubleshooting of EPON。EPONIt is "Ethernet passive optical network" shorthand,HuaweiMA5680TIs aEPONofOLT,Not repeat them here Related Terms,Default readers have a certain level of knowledge,the following,I'll be brief[……]

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Examples of commonly used maintenance commands SoftCo9500


This time in preparation for a called "triple play" technology race,The game may be used HuaweiSoftCo9500Softswitch,By learning a few days,I summed up some of the more commonly used troubleshooting commands,Below for some simple examples to explain,These commands are a lot of overlapping content,Routing hope you will choose the most appropriate commands in the actual situation according to their needs。Although the actual[……]

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Digital convergence、Triple Play、Triple play


Triple play、Digital convergence、Triple Play is actually said the same thing,But this is different in different regions called Bale。This technology is not China Unicom、mobile、Fusion Telecommunications three communication networks (While it is true that the Big Three has cut constantly tangled lingering,But here's the reason why the variously termed privations,It is to show,This triple play,Nor that triple play。) Personally,Routing'd prefer or triple play[……]

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