Digital Ocean Singapore room rate in San Francisco SGP1

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If you ask most often play VPS owners recommended that service providers? I think in addition to the famous old Linode,The rest of the rookies Digital Ocean 。The rise in recent years, just vps service providers rely on the support of the United States is said to several consortia,Create a global SSD solid disc、Demand charges vps cloud services platform。


The main,still is[……]

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What is the mDNS Multicast Multicast DNS DNS?

Apple's definition of mDNS

we all know DNS Probably is what,All correspondence between domain names and IP addresses must be relied on to translate,Like IP and Mac address this need ARP protocol as,In order to distinguish,We call this is called DNS uDNS,That isUnicast DNS

So,relatively,It is multicast (multicast) DNS,For Apple, it's osx,Multicast DNS[……]

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