Month – May 2015

Could not load the image referenced from a nib in the bundle running on device

In use xcode Make a program when,We generally use some pictures instead of stiff off button text,Make the interface more beautiful。

but,When adding pictures,I met when editing storyboard You can display,But the problem when the program is running, but can not be displayed。

View Record found error:

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VM most serious vulnerabilities Venom cloud services is threatened!

This afternoon,I'm knocking Code,Then on the west coast, a vps sent e-mail,Said server to restart Update,And I happen to have a vps is there in his。In addition to hardware and general maintenance accident,Cloud services basically online - after all,“High availability"It is the main subject of cloud services。

but,This time is different,Just today,The new virtual machine loopholes available,Exploit this vulnerability,You can make every minutesudden[……]

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Open nat masquerading and port forwarding on ufw

Possible until now,You have been very skilled how to open nat and port forwarding on Linux - after all, this operation may also require a server at the time of deployment。But its operation is too cumbersome,Especially when we use edit iptables ufw after that,But you can not directly edit the iptables,This time in the end what to do it?

want使用 ufw[……]

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Ali cloud Ubuntu update image source

Update:for some reason,Ali cloud is no longer recommended updates the source,Give youThis page,Click to go can help you generate USTC mirror automatically depending on the version update source。

In order to facilitate their own domestic vps server configuration updates,Usually all you need to change and update the source dns,Do not try to patch ............ otherwise life short,NetEase previously used source but recently always cramp,So nowRecommended Ali cloud


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Under Ubuntu more simple firewall Uncomplicated Firewall

we all know,Among Linux system has a very fast hardware firewall is called iptables,It can do far exceeds the scope of the firewall, but ......,usually,We only used it as a firewall to use。

but,If you just want a port policy,That does not seem to need to face iptables That lengthy configuration commands。Now,I'll introduce you to the other a more[……]

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Goodbye hooligans,Goodbye dnspod

As the once booming domestic DNS resolution service providers,dnspod In the godaddy NS has just been certified during that time to resolve domestic high speed services of good quality and recommended by the majority of Web hosting providers,Our group of mindless small bloggers will have to takeThird-party NS resolution

Actually, I was dnspod It's nice, too,Resolved faster,Creates a new domain name,From a few minutes to start[……]

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SNI Proxy accelerate the deployment of anti-Generation Web access without certificate

We all know that you can use nginx trans-generation capabilities to achieve cross-border access network,but,This approach has a lot of constraints,For example, it is difficult to achieve login authentication,For example, the need for a separate forwarding module compiler to do,For example, you need to have a valid signature ssl certificates, etc.。

this time,We introduce an additional artifact SNI Proxy,With dnsmasq can be achieved with sniproxy[……]

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Compile and install anti-pollution dnscrypt-wrapper build DNS server

All to known,I want to get them abroad towards LAN DNS information,Will certainly suffer keywordPollution。to this end,Some people thinkUse exception port,For example, instead of using 5353 as the current DNS dedicated port 53-- Girl Friend Wall Only 53 pollution;It was also thought of using a TCP connection request,Because DNS response mechanism参考 DHCPI decided itaccept[……]

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Modify .htaccess ban Contents Index privacy

Usually the default Apache will allow directory indexing,This is very vulnerable to malicious use of people with ulterior motives。Many people choose to place the index.html file in the directory for this purpose,Because then it becomes open an empty file can not be indexed directory,But this, after all, a temporary solution - you can not give all of the directories to index a right?

If you can,Or should modify .[……]

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