After a conference to see his cell phone models and millet

Today went to the site to watch the press conference millet note,As a from milletmiui systemThe event,On urgent attention to his change in North Huaqiang,We can say that today many feelings,Especially today to visit this site makes me feel great。This time I put aside the phone hardware does not say,But this conference to talk about the changes from millet to see something out of it,Phone Well,In fact, a little more subjective selection factor,And now,[……]

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2014In network marketing situation


Recently I attended a sharing session about Internet Marketing,This will actually share a lot of dry goods,The value of which there were many things to learn。

Now ppt Paste,And some personal summary,Write something more inadequate,Please forgive me。

2014This year, advertisers are network marketing,More investment in digital marketing increase。

This situation also because this year the mobile Internet side[……]

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Iptabls details

Currently on the market more common 3、4Layer firewalls,Called the network layer firewalls,There Layer 7 firewall,In fact, the gateway proxy layer

forTCP/IPofSeven-layer modelSpeaking,The third layer is the network layer,Three-layer firewall in this layer of the source and destination addresses for testing。But for the seven firewalls,Whether you source port or destination port,What is the source or destination address,We will have to check all your stuff。[……]

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linux set environment variables method

1、Modify / etc / profile
1.1 :First, set the environment variable in this file;
1.2:Run the export command to load the new environment variable settings good environment variable.
#vim /etc/profile

2、Modifying .bashrc
# vim /root/.bashrc
export PATH=”Variable Path


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unix / linux programming study notes- Open file descriptors and function

To talk about unix / linux for file operations in these functions,These functions for linux basically meet our requirements in any document,
First talk about the open function
In linux you want to operate on the file must first open the file and then the corresponding processing,Why should we do it? That is because the process and not directly manipulate files between,To process the document operation[……]

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Little understanding of Unix System Structure

UnixLittle understanding of architecture

It can be defined as a software operating system in the strict sense,The software controls the computer hardware resources,Provider operating environment for personal understanding of hardware and software wealthy。We call such software kernel (kernel),It is relatively small,Located in the center of the environment

Kernel system call interface is called (system calls) Shared libraries built on system calls[……]

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main (int ac, char * of[])和 main(int argc,char *argv[]) Of some of my understanding

Observance of the whereabouts of the 100th article,,,Although the content is somewhat illegible

Yesterday, see route on the main (int argc,char *argv[]) The article feels written brief said such a function

Of course first contact functions of this function is not the main (int argc,char *argv[]) But the main (int AC, ch[……]

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What is SELinux


SELinux is "Security-Enhanced Linux"Abbreviation,Linux is a US National Security Agency, "NSA = The National Security Agency" and SCC (Secure Computing Corporation) developedExtended mandatory access control security module


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