How to set up FTP server on OS x


In the new version of OS X,,No FTP server,Preferences among,Share file-sharing inside retaining only Apple's own AFP, and is compatible with Microsoft samba,This allows sometimes need to transfer files to and some of the equipment becomes tricky。

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Recommended Software

The software is quite good,full functioning,From the user to the virtual directory permissions to everything,You can definitely cope with the vast majority of demand for FTP equipment,Such as ZTE EPON C200, etc.,Huawei Cisco God horse。

The software interface as shown in the preface - this is a free software

But from the earliest to the present 10.4 to 10.9 can support all the,Installation is in the form of package pkg,You need administrator privileges to run twice。

Ah - English interface。

Software menu contains the uninstall option,However, according to consistent style OS X software point of view on pkg,Estimate is incomplete uninstall,If you want to uninstall the extra PKG package,You can also see I wroteIn OS X Perfect uninstaller .pkg installation package that discussionandDelete in OS x. pkg package software:pkg_uninstaller!

download link

Its official websiteHere
Download page for

Basic is the case

I am fromCoCo dark roomSee this introduction。

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