USB interface to Know

Universal Serial Bus

USB's full name is this,,A blink of an eye,USB 1.0 standard came from the 3.0,of course,Little blue box 3.0 also does not fully into our lives,As it is now around us phone、flat、SLR,Almost still in use USB2.0 standard,Occasionally,People around him or will not tell exactly which line corresponds to which device,What can mix,Which can not。

The line can not be mixed is not inserted into the device,Because different shapes,Can insert the,You can mix almost all of ...... of course,Some unscrupulous charging dedicated line is not able to transmit data。

Plugs and sockets

USB plug and socket points,In fact, that is, we often say that the male-female,How to divide it? And people the same thing,Can be inserted everywhere is male,Ahem ...... all kinds can be interpolated,It is a female。201007131259579523


We used the computer that generous head,YesA USB interface,This interface is3.0 standard is backward compatibleof;

Another unusual is almost a square blue Interface,YesType B USB interface,This route is only seen in professional development board,Even if there are other places with,Presumably also about to be eliminated,It is said to be used on a number of large,Such as printers (printer can also use the words of A-type Ang?)

of course,There is a type B is common,That ismini B (mini USB) type,That is, we often sayT-shaped connectorThe,This jack is common in previous phone ah,SLR or something,Why is the "before" it,Detailed below。

later,It adds a standard USB2.0,callmicro USB (micro-USB),It is with respect to the more flat and mini B,Stronger,Is specifically developed for mobile phones and other mobile devices Standard,In recent years, mobile phones and other devices that should be all the interfaces,The looks,With respect to mini B USB interface "T-shaped",micro USB portIt should be called "Keystone"。


What round,This very rare here pass it over the,All kinds of weird shape also are generally required to use a specific device。

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