Let TextWrangler key to optimize XML file format

TextWrangler Mac is the indispensable multi-purpose text editor,Excellent built-in code highlighting,Also supports regular expression searches ...... summary,For developers,It is necessary manpower。

but,TextWrangler for XML Not so smart - and often long after the opening line!

In short,The solution is simple,We can write a script to TextWrangler。

First of all

TextWrangler open a new blank document (the default is actually),Enter the following script statements:


save document,But the path there Press shift + command + g Go to open the dialog,enter ~/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Text Filters/ turn on。

And then named Tidy XML.sh Save it。


At last,TextWrangler using Open your xml file,Click TextApply Text FilterTidy XML You can!

Tidy XML

Tidy XML

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