My millet bracelet:Belated Experience Report

A blink of an eye six months later,Squandered for so long,I finally decided to hand the bracelet to write something millet。😒

Buy millet bracelet,Friends said he was blue millet bracelet with my phone with a very blue。That was my first real contact with millet bracelet。Later, after playing a few times,考虑到它¥79的价格,I own into a,I think after thinking,Or buy a black bracelet。

Speaking wearable device,At first I was rejected,You can not make me wear I wear,I gotta look into,Gotta give it a try - after all,,Google glasses too expensive - this is my first time to shift our attention to the wearable device。

I buy millet bracelet is the end of last year,At that time this thing is no longer a thing of the fresh,It may even have been able to pair up with the iPhone - of course,Less unlock function。but,I am not optimistic about how this feature,Is there actually does not matter。

First talk about the frequency of use

Since six months,I basically did it all the time with the time - months or even have forgotten this thing,Wear it is up to the time before the exam,During that time is very tight,We need to get up early in the morning,With an alarm function millet bracelet - I was too lazy to hell intelligent dumb,All in all it can be very "quiet" to wake the others I will not affect to the hostel,That I will be satisfied。

Millet bracelet what I use it?

The whole millet bracelet features inside,I'm afraid the only surprise is that it's the vibration alarm function - also when it comes to the above,Not be repeated here。As for other features,Sorry I'm not really interested。I do not like to wear a lot of things on his arm,Especially in the winter,High school for a long time I took my watch,The result is that the left sleeve clothes but all shrink firmness port,Loose circle than all right。Ok,The watch also see time,The bracelet so ......,It also did not have enough reason for me to wear all day like a watch。

If you have to say with a second function,I think it should be a sleep monitoring,Because to use the alarm clock function,It is necessary to wear at night,So I probably use good posture is to set the alarm before going to bed and then put to sleep millet bracelet。I said I was in high school wear watches,24 hours and is worn,In addition to taking a bath,Hardly off(Special educational environment here do not speak),So for me to wear hand on his arm to sleep or watch ring and little difference will not affect my sleep,So get up occasionally to look at how sleep last night - OK,Changzhangduanduan very law。

Safety and health

Before the advent of this thing,Probably not many people think of "My record how many steps to go today?"this problem,Today it seems,This thing is probably still more than entertaining the medical nature。Bracelet withSpecial rubber materialPlus one called "Rice"Function body composition,Needless to say, the rubber material,Waterproof drop resistance - and rice itself is waterproof,But the combination of nested structure was doomed once soaked in water,A chance this thing is not easy to dry - the result of bacteria is probably right wrist allergy or inflammation ...... I myself have worn infrequently because the daytime,No such thing happened,I think this should also be a small probability event。

No commendable place?

Have。I assure you there,In addition to praising the vibration alarm me,Its battery life is also commendable,Since I am using less,Almost able to achieveTwo months a punch- Such charging interval can basically tell the cheek:Millet bracelet is without charge!

but,I think the probability of lost charging cable will greatly increase it!

Now with the electronic watch bracelet soar,Phone with the wearable device Dances,It can stand for more than three days on shouting long standby,With an average of one and a half a red phone,I do not want to come back a half a red bracelet (Watch)。

About those shortcomings

I did not buckle bracelet too bad,That button I did not fall off - I even pull for a long time,Did not succeed。Rice has not been out on his own。Wake up "millet bracelet" change "() bracelet" in case I have not encountered,Perhaps this attitude there and everyone wearing sleep habits slightly。

Slow synchronization is a problem,The first day synchronization millet bracelet gotta look for a long time staring at the phone,Taking into account the need to set an alarm to complete before they can synchronize,Otherwise it may lose alarm problem,It's always a maddening process。

in conclusion

There is no saying that probably the two points and run for help,The former have not tried;The latter is slightly tasteless。Millet hand ring can not measure heart rate,This is a limitation of the hardware(Referred to as flawed),¥79的价格注定了这货不会有那么高级的功能,Running time can do is assist the measured cadence holding a cell phone just run a race,It seems OK。

But I bought professional equipment after,It seems that this feature has been overwritten,Only use it became Alarm Clock,So,My experience is that the final report:

79Millet smart alarm clock yuan

Reflections Reflections

Now electronic watch and bracelet There are a variety of,Advanced low-end - the only constant is that they cost the same low,Equally large profits。Wearable device is a lucrative industry,It seems that you buy such a device is a bit more of their design and code to pay,Flaunt a more intelligent,The more you want to 200,Flaunt a healthier,Would no longer charge you 300;Yeah I like these new technological gadgets,But in the end we had to think about whether you need this is it,I do not buy the biggest reason is that they ultimately smart watch or electronic form - electronic form do not you? Advanced electronic form can be powerful it! butOne can only use the electronic form on the day, or forget it,I said,I've got a more than a day is necessary to charge a mobile phone。

Other,You can say I have mild social phobia,You can also say that I am hypocritical,When the phone Ye Hao short computer beep attached to more than three times,My heart will be irritable - how can there be so many important thing? Even enterprises,I think the daily requirement will not exceedCheck the mailbox twiceRight? You've got a little dropped Terminal - Mobile,Anyone anxious to find you can call you;Then why are you tied to your internet chat on the wrist?

Someone you!,Some people shout out,Someone forwarded,Some people respond to someone voice was someone looking for video you have people talk ...... plus discussion groups among these messages,How many useful and valuable information? A break,I'm afraid you have to spend more than 20 minutes of time to focus again back before the state! So in terms of efficiency,Instead, it reduces the。

Remember the promotion of micro-Bo ever get such a smart watch,Very nice appearance,Very luxurious,The reply which asked the most is - you can see the time?

ironnically,Features publicity pictures also says:4Large function:1、Time display ......

Awesome,Electronic watch can display the time it!

So,Only show the time of day strategy? I bought five dollars a military form of low-end battery can go 600 years! After this lost time display function,Electronic watches and what is left of it? Phone extension?

The nature of electronic watch this thing doomed little value,A handmade watch,A handmade electronic form (too?),Which is more valuable it? This is not to say aside,In addition to Apple prostitute,What other spreadsheet do relatively good-looking,It can adapt to most situations? (Actually, I think Apple prostitute is not so good)

For those who do not want to miss calls in terms of,Probably a greater role in some of these things,But apart from this small group of people outside,Others really hard to find a reason to wear electronic table,Or,The only reason is to experience it。

Recently finally determined to run the,So carefully put on the market several good electronic bracelet table to learn a lot,Eventually bought a biteMy alpha II,This is the first using pulses of light around the world(Technical term does not it?)Instead of measuring heart rate chest strap heart rate(Considering I have never used a chest strap,People say bad mood,I still do not buy。)It is worth mentioning is that it uses the same technology and is the  Watch,But taking into account the latter is nearly twice as expensive,The former standby time and Mi band as calculated on a monthly basis,I did not enter AW,After all, students Dogs

Down more than save money,IPhone 6c to buy or keep it!😅

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