Another new public NS,Domestic 114DNS

I remember when the blog I wrote just created aGoogle's public NSFor everyone,That which describes the utility of Google NS,Internet can be said that science must-ns

But under normal circumstances,Perhaps because of this ns itself from the wall bars,There will be all kinds of trouble in most cases,This time again send out a new domestic public ns


Security Insecurity,I say not,But say,Used to[……]

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Google launched a free public DNS server

Andy build thisBlogSome days,Mmm。

It has been good,Downside is that the speed is not fast,Probably with a small local network-related security here,Friends did not happen。

Until yesterday,We have problems,Andy is the site not open ...... ...... Could it be that decisive contact customer serviceOverseas HostIsblockThe? !

Results desperation people came to give Andy a big shot ...... weighs,everything is normal。[……]

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