John McAfee在Varney & Company program demonstrates how to use a simple social invade Sony Pictures

McAfee is via voice mail exploits host phone

First, that some digression,Today, outside the chain of inquiry found the time I rely on! I know almost had connections inside traffic,Point to open to see a man actually found to have recommended to my blog - independent IT Bo ~

How do you say,Very touched it,Crooked writing so long,Finally it is recognized by the others a little a little bit,Suddenly I felt this thing on their significance is much greater than itself ......

So, ah,I decided to let[……]

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Talking about social engineering and hacking

Social engineering is what exactly? On Baidu Wikipedia is this explanation:Social engineering is adopted on the establishment of the theory of natural、And means of social and institutional reality in accordance with particular emphasis on two-way planning and design experience to solve various social problems step by step。

But if you look carefully,This definition is specious,Social engineeringWhat,how did it get here,What use,Exactly how to use,In the country which are not yet clear。[……]

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