Armed your QuickLook - I used several QuickLook plugin

Use OSX friends for this system will not be unfamiliar among QuickLook,no matter where,Almost all the local operating system,For this image,You can select it,Then press the space bar to quickly see what this picture without the need to open the plug-in software or image editor;Or documents and other video and audio some text - it is so convenient。

but,This Quic[……]

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Xcode one of those plug-ins

Update:A blink of an eye 5 Years passed,This article is also invalid... Now Xcode no longer allows random installation of plugins,The only one recommended at the moment Swift Format for Xcode,Everybody,mutual encouragement。

Development on OSX,Then you necessarily involves dealing with this famous IDE。after all,We use IDE is to improve productivity[……]

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