I use the kali-linux

Long time no update Kali? GPG error KEYEXPIRED 1425567400

A long time did not update kali,Today, taking advantage of the updated virtual machine,We want to open the system with a new look,The results did not expect to encounter the problem of FIG.。

First, use the GUI to update occurred 404,Then use apt-get the error key expires。

Ok,At all events,This is not a conflict deb,Nor is the source could not be parsed,You need to do is update the key。

Use the following commands to a new[……]

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networkmanager can not manage the network and prompt "unmanaged network devices."

Using the Linux desktop system time,Many of my friends will encounter network manager prompts "Device unmanaged" situation。


In this case, the network can access the Internet,But the network manager - general nature is hard to force the Network Manager,But life and death does not display state。

In fact,at this time,The system uses another set of network management scheme,And this program[……]

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