OSX in normal WIFI connection but still prompt can not connect to the Internet


In normal use,Sometimes all of a suddenMac WIFI icon turns grey,Then top showing an exclamation mark,Clicking on it you will see that it prompts you "Warn:No Internet connection』,This feature is excellent value,It let you do not need to wait to not open Web page, find lost Mac network connection。


of course,Bad news here,Sometimes you will find that even the icon appears,Warning letters in there[……]

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Huawei MA5680T Common examples of debugging commands

I recently in preparation for the contest three networks,Front also wrote an article entitled "Examples of commonly used maintenance commands SoftCo9500"As the article notes,Here,Write an accompanying configuration troubleshooting of EPON。EPONIt is "Ethernet passive optical network" shorthand,HuaweiMA5680TIs aEPONofOLT,Not repeat them here Related Terms,Default readers have a certain level of knowledge,the following,I'll be brief[……]

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Color tag cloud WordPress without a plugin

Off the grid is the default tag cloud tag cloud wp,Sizes,Color is actually very unified,This does not look very beautiful。

Is there any way to make it look better tag cloud? In fact, it is there,There are many plug-ins,All kinds,But for a tag cloud,Is again in the fast flip add a plugin seems quite wasteful。

So I found some simple ways to not use plug-in also implements the color tag cloud,Such fancy[……]

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Prohibit running cmd on computer solutions

I wrote this beforeFrom the "crack field pole electronic classroom" experience in mindandHow easy it is to mention the right to limit the authority of the computer? These two articles,Inside it is mentioned for the cmd disable computer problems。

So I try to do with a bat batch mode command,But sometimes just in a hurry to run some command cmd,So for a limited computer cmd really annoying,then,I found a way,Batch with bat[……]

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How easy it is to mention the right to limit the authority of the computer?

Previous article discussed,On the use in some schoolsVarious student classroom management software crack As well as inside the classroom for the very domain of electronic break,Inside the guide describes some of the methods。

But inside a little:

I said:"The change of name Registry Editor,Then you can double-click to open "This is one of the cases,There is also a group policy is to limit what out of,So even if you change your name,Copy it to no avail,Open to[……]

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