Vi to write about it! Under OS X lion learn programming。



These days start learning a programming language c,Recommended for all programmers introductory language,Watching "c programming" Oh I still feel Alexander。This book should not be the best course of it,But I happen to have this book and the corresponding guidance,It will be on the read。

I am learning to program in lion under,So directly down the Xcode,Oh,Of course, I really would not use。。。。sweat

Later, upon the recommendation of,Or go back to the old way of vi + gcc,And this seems to be a lot of experts who use ah ha ha ~ we also seem profound thing。

Then vi editor,Fortunately, I've been using linux distributions,So no pressure of vi,At least the basic operation is no problem,But for programming,Still have a little something personalized。

Here I will provide direct code,Created directly in the user directory using vi.vimrcLike。

Then press the i into insert mode,And then paste the following code into

These codes fromBird Brother private kitchens

Other,To talk about the relationship between vi and vim,vim is a vi extension bar,Generally understood enough,Other,All unix systems will have vi,And more often,vi are mapped vim,That is vi = vim

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