Subscribe to a paid app shelves,In addition to code for what you need to do?

Finally,Pocketed X input method successfully shelves。From development to shelves,A lot has happened。

Now,I would say it,In addition to the code,Added a subscription fee app,You need to do something。

Use Agreement

In General,Apple provides to youUnified Software Use Agreement,In your correspondence on the app "app infomation" page,There is a right of the License Agreement。

App Store use the default protocol

If you want to offer subscriptions purchased,You would need to[……]

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When we talk about privacy,What in the end say?

Privacy is a very wonderful thing,When you're a person,It does not exist。


Today, the Internet widespread anxiety about privacy,Often someone shouting "To protect privacy," followed by ...... but some people will say "I have nothing to hide."。Faced with this discouraging reply,Privacy advocates in addition to the heart deep sense of powerlessness,There is confused。

This privacy thing,In fact, before the Internet existed,For example, the law does not allow unauthorized demolition of reading other people's letters - this is to protect your personal privacy。

Before the Internet,隐私传播需要[……]

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Software under my luck elsewhere,Why should I pay?

This article first appeared in Niche software,Now I recorded it in his blog。

A few days ago off the grid when the input method and X in various media collaborated hair code engaging in activities,Unexpectedly, we share Apple ID and a number of public platform for cooperation,Send out a wave of lottery activities code。

"Forefoot says he was forced to change the business model of piracy problems,I ran back foot and made pirated software micro-channel public number Cooperative Extension,He is simply playing to his face。”

Eventually, after one day I discovered this fact,Then the first time we withdraw the draft,取消了这次[……]

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R0uter Input Tool:I will buy the APP,But I do not want to GG

Article was originally titled "If this input method no longer able to make ends meet me,I went home to sell sweet potatoes. "

People say you want to sell a good App,Gotta equipped with a moving story,Last year, in an interviewIf no one buys the next month my App,I have to GGTie the hearts of many people - accidentally said a big truth,Many people find it difficult to accept this reality。- people are moving to the,Is the angle seems a little problem hhh

I do not want to accept this reality - but the reality is this,Larry user market even smaller than I expected a little bit,Just two years,落格输入法的下载量就已经[……]

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CocoaPods was not able to update the `master` repo.

cocoapods not be updated,May be due to damage caused local database,We can go directly to CocoaPods local directory manually update it:

And then return to the implementation of the project to normal under update .

Timer can not update the UI while dragging

In iOS development,We often use Timer This class,For some repeat or delayed call。

but,In actual use,If you are used to periodically update the UI,Will be found Timer The calls are often blocked by other operations can not update the UI lead to normal。

For example, in my HourlyMeow project,自定义时钟[……]

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Jannine Weigel – Deep End lyrics Chinese translation

Always liked Jannine Weigel,This song has recently been brain worm,And later recommended to the female vote,She asked me to translate ...... Well,A long time have not translated lyrics,Then the song lyrics and no Chinese,So I simply translated a bit, “deep end”在英文里有个爆发疯狂的意思所以里边的歌词也可以理解为“游走在崩溃的边缘”?总之大概就是这样的一种双关

Ok,翻译完了发现上面的 MV 里就有官方中文翻译了切换一下即可还比我翻的好,Weeping[……]

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Use Cherry MX Board on macOS 8.0 RGB

Woman sent me a ticket Cherry MX Borad 8.0! Yes,That is a rare manufacturers that need a 9.5 H CNC milling machineAnodizing 87 Key mechanical keyboard! Apple external keyboard and a design style,Coupled with a specially designed key caps font,I fell in love with at first sight to see(Incidentally blown about,This is what I often sayDesign three elementsIn the "visceral design")

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