What is VPN?

Before routing wrote aboutHow to quickly build pptp VPN based on vpsArticles,But it seems there are still many people do not know exactly what that VPN,Then this article I am 818 devoted to the VPN in the end is what!

Speaking VPN,We still want to talk about the 1990s,Then this concept can not VPN,Companies to the Internet,To purchase a dedicated line (Line relates to the content of my[……]

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On Ubuntu vps and other OS's seven-step build pptp protocol VPN

After getting a vps you may need to get a stable environment as soon as possible scientific,Method uses "earth move" and is a good choice (VPN)

Of course,Now we know everything Policy,GFW has now started to begin to interfere with VPN,So this is not based VPN pptp protocol of a long-term approach (which is a bit l2tp goods relative speed is faster in terms of speed)。

All right,In short,Based on the VP pptp[……]

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Internet access via PPTP VPN authentication

Scenario Analysis

Many people want to build one of their ownWIFI_WEBCertified Network,The main technology used is Portal (Portal),It can authenticate legitimate users through WEB page。Through this technology to do a certified third-party solutions haveWIFIAPWIWIZ,Both companies are more representative。According to my investigation,Wah also Portal Solutions,Cisco alone I have not found a correlation[……]

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