After purchasing a VPS you should spare security measures


2018On April 13 update,Add a link fail2ban Advanced Configuration Tutorial,Updated command。

Gerber drop-off site-wide migration to wills,As long as 15 yuan per month minimum,Support me consider myInvitation coderegistered,Gave $10 (Together 60 Multi-block RMB) discount! 😚

Recently purchased a vps route to learn ...... Yes! You read that right[……]

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Talking about social engineering and hacking

Social engineering is what exactly? On Baidu Wikipedia is this explanation:Social engineering is adopted on the establishment of the theory of natural、And means of social and institutional reality in accordance with particular emphasis on two-way planning and design experience to solve various social problems step by step。

But if you look carefully,This definition is specious,Social engineeringWhat,how did it get here,What use,Exactly how to use,In the country which are not yet clear。[……]

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