WP syntax highlighting widget syntaxhighlighter cause excessive number of reception js


Code syntax highlighting in the WordPress plugin,I prefer the syntax highlighter for this,But this plugin will be a problem in the course of,That's it for each language individually write js script,The result was the number of reception load a maximum of 30 js much! Some say this country,For foreign blog for this is simply deadly。



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C Programming Development

After you set syntax highlighting for VIM and sometimes invalid

I am learning c programming language did not use the old-fashioned tc2.0, nor with the new tc,Before school is under linux,Learn to give up after a short time。

Now before you start,It lion in,Using the console + vi (vim) + gcc compiler。

About vi highlighting syntax and set the first line indent, etc.,Well, IPrevious articleAlso introduced a solution,With them was quite pleasant。[……]

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