Jannine Weigel – Deep End lyrics Chinese translation = bg6QV2JEPvI

Always liked Jannine Weigel,This song has recently been brain worm,And later recommended to the female vote,She asked me to translate ...... Well,A long time have not translated lyrics,Then the song lyrics and no Chinese,So I simply translated a bit, "Deep end" there are in the English language[……]

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Dust It Off – The Do movie "I type origin (I Origins)" Interlude lyrics Chinese translation

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Purely because of coincidence,Luzhu going to cook dumplings,Had wanted to see a zombie with rice, said the results ...... suddenly cast on the insideSteven YuanLittle interest

Then easily point to open this brief introduction of the goods,Then saw the film ...... ah,Interested,Do not think too much。This interest nor that interest ╮(╯▽╰)╭

In short,Trailer here:


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