On the forward proxy reverse proxy transparent proxy

Generally, we Internet,It is to plug the Internet cable,Dial need at most。However, in the enterprise network application environment may have more complex,This is a general home network can not understand。So,Acting this feature came into being。

Agent name suggests is your place to visit you can not access resources。

Defined on Wikipedia is this:

Agent (English:Proxy),Also known as the Network Agent,It is a special network services,[……]

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After purchasing a VPS you should spare security measures

2018On April 13 update,Add a link fail2ban Advanced Configuration Tutorial,Updated command。

Gerber drop-off site-wide migration to wills,As long as 15 yuan per month minimum,Support me consider myInvitation coderegistered,Gave $10 (Together 60 Multi-block RMB) discount! 😚

Recently purchased a vps route to learn ...... Yes! You read that right[……]

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