Let go SSH proxy server connection

Many network operation and maintenance、Or owners need to manage the server via ssh、vps,If you do not happen to,Separated by a wall between you and the server GFW,Then since GFW will analyze ssh packets,Result was slightly slower network will allow the command to card one minute。

GFW is now fully capable of analyzing traffic characteristics ssh,To determine whether you are really using the ssh server configuration,Or use it[……]

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Let go Homebrew Update Agent

Before we said,As the domestic network was further bad,use brew AlsoReplace domestic universities mirror source,But this method palliatives,An update is faster,But still the same download。

The result was the most updates need to download the source code and compiled locally,Luck almost altogether also download the source code is not down,Cancel every time and try again,Constantly repeated manual。

- If we can go Agent Terminal Command[……]

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PAC with multi-proxy load balancing is similar COW

Some time ago I found using COW this projectAgents do have a very nice feature is that two agents can achieve load balancing and more lines! It is a major default do other backup,By configuring,The proxy mode to hash, you can achieve load balancing multiple lines!

Of course, COW is flawed,It is strange for the first site will be directly connected at least once,This will cause DNS leak,About this before I[……]

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