How to solve the iphone can not take pictures fault

Iphone can not take pictures is also very common software problems,If you wish to encounter such a problem solved:

With 91 mobile assistant file management functions,Navigate to / private / var / mobile / Media directory,Find the DCIM directory,Right-click on this directory,Select Properties,Then change the user mobile,Permissions 777,And check the bottom of the "Apply changes to this folder、Hook after sub-folders and files "in front of,Press OK,Then restart your iPhone lets look after your phone can take pictures,If that does not work,I suggest you re-brush machine,If still not be resolved,Then there may be a hardware problem

I solved in accordance with the above method。777 renamed the authority can indeed。

Other,I think after repair,或许也可以用sbs里的修复权限吧⋯⋯不过问题既然已经修复就不再测试了⋯⋯

after all,我的3g老了⋯⋯


At last,Since the method of ReferenceHere

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