htaccess redirect to https redirection also cause subdomain solutions

Recently,So I wrote an article:WordPress Open full stop HTTPS ,This side describes in detail how I turned the whole grid down to the station https of,Now I need to open an experimental subdomain,The result was writing htaccess ,To redirect to443Port the code causes the entire domain name is redirected to the primary domain,It makes very egg pain,Or sub-domain must also have a certificate,Or[……]

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WordPress Open full stop HTTPS

since CNNIC After the certificate issued by the sub-middle attack occurred in these events,SSL Connection and HTTPS Becoming more popular。This time we 'Use SSL to protect your login information, and background page"Into the recommended"SSL Everywhere”,Using global SSL encryption,Avoid disclosure of privacy caused by the user when accessing the page。And,According to Google Webmaster most[……]

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