Fail2Ban protection of Nginx Advanced Configuration Services

inAfter purchasing a VPS you should spare security measuresAs we mentioned with fail2ban To protect ssh ,So even without changingsshPort (default is22),Also can be done to avoid brute force password,of course,We have opened the credentials to log in and closed the ssh password login option,But with fail2ban Kill those who keep trying to make us feel bot is also a pleasant thing[……]

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Use fail2ban Bind9 be used to prevent DNS amplification attacks


Ali cloud I built for personal use dnsmasq server,DNS is used to make pollution-free,The recent disclosure of the IP,Sure enough, it was attacked - is actually being used DNS amplification attacks。

Since dnsmasq itself is not designed to provide external DNS service,So it is for security profile is not a lot (no!),But it's very easy to configure Resolution Policy ([……]

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