Firefox:No longer trust the new certificate CNNIC

Article translated from Mozilla blogoriginal。I Caishuxueqian,Omissions are inevitable if the error message welcome treatise!

Last week, Mozilla NoticeOne called CNNIC Intermediate Certificate Authority issued a certificate unfettered,Domain name then this certificate will be used to give the recipient does not have control over the domain name or a certificate (for example,:Middle attack)。We call this intermediate certificate added to the fire[……]

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Google announced that its full line of products no longer recognize the CNNIC root certificate (Bo translation)

In late March,A sudden storm swept through the network that Han Han that several countries ...... summary,Google on March 23 published an article on the issue of the certificate Bowen,Directed at CNNIC,1 Update again this month,And made clear the attitude of the CNNIC,Routing can not personally comment on this matter,Just translate the original article here,A standard content can not say, but at least on a lot better than the line translator when you practice it ..................[……]

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