Programming language

Strongly typed programming language、Weakly typed

in most cases,People use the programming language is implicitly convert data types to determine whether a languageWeakly typedLanguage,For example, C。

In fact,For in addition to the more classic foreign language,Most other common languages ​​Strong、Weak type could not tell - or,YesInconsistentof。So it will always be someone to argue。If we take as the basis for the concept of opening,Then the conflicts will appear:

比如 Pasc[……]

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Swift Common Types of data

Now most of the high-level programming language,All evolved from the classic C language,You grammar which in these programming languages,More or less can be found in the shadow of a fraction of the C language,This is why a lot of people still recommend,From the C programming language into the language of the door。

but,C language is indeed a sufficient old,Many people are directed to write a program target learning to play the APP,You to learn C language ...... sorry,[……]

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