A programming algorithms Huawei interview questions

Friend sent today a very special topic:

Topics:There are two array a,b,Size n,Any of the values of the array elements,Disorder;
Requirements:Through the exchange of a,Elements in the b,Elements of array a and b elements in the array, and the difference between the minimum。

I feel familiar at first glance the problem ... ... And domestic c exams almost,But a closer look seems to be a bit more difficult,Do not look like that has a clue what the problem。Ok,[……]

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Access、Trunk and Hybrid and this VLAN

Three modes switch port

On the switch,There are three commonly used configuration mode,Respectively Access (Access),Trunk (trunk or trunk) as well as Hybrid (Hybrid),These three interfaces operating mode determines the corresponding interface for processing the attitude data packets on the switch。Nowadays,Routing to elaborate on these three models。


Since the switch has divided the virtual LAN VLAN function is,So it[……]

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